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The MOUNT SHASTA BIOREGIONAL ECOLOGY CENTER is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and restoring the outstanding natural environment and cultural values of Mount Shasta, one of the sacred mountains of the world, and of its surrounding bioregion, recognizing this region is of great importance locally, nationally and internationally in providing pure waters to the Sacramento Valley, rich biodiversity, numerous pristine natural sanctuaries, and sacred areas of high significance to Native American cultures near and far.

Based in Mount Shasta, California, approximately 60 miles south of the Oregon/California border, at the headwaters of the Sacramento River, the Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center was founded in 1988 and formally incorporated in 1990 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit grassroots citizens' organization to which donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Other videos by and about MSBEC are available. "Listening to the Mountain" DVD
"Mount Shasta, Cathedral of Wildness" DVD
Save Medicine Lake video

Archives to previous issues of Eco-Echo, the Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology News-letter, dating back to 1990, are available at this location.

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